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Estrella's Quinceañera

Estrella Alvarez is about to turn fifteen, and it's safe to say she's not thrilled about it. Her mother has been planning an extravagant quinceañera for as long as she can remember, complete with mariachi bands and gaudy decorations. But Estrella has other ideas – she dreams of a low-key celebration at a chic downtown restaurant with her private school friends who have no clue about her life in the barrio. Things get even more complicated when she falls for Speedy, a cholo her parents and friends would strongly disapprove of.

Estrella faces tough choices when she is caught between her family's expectations and the allure of her sophisticated friends. This heartwarming and humorous book follows her journey as she navigates the complexities of identity and love. Prepare for a delightful ride with Estrella as she discovers who she truly wants to be.

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Estrella's Quinceañera

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